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Momo’s Café is dedicated to creating a fast-casual restaurant. Our business will include 2 segments: a fast-casual restaurant and an online group purchase/delivery brand. The concept of our restaurant is to introduce Asian café style dining which in essence provides a relaxing environment for customers and influences from Asian cultures such as Taiwanese, and Japanese cuisine. The main product of the online delivery will be Japanese bento style meals (i.e. lunch box). The concept is to introduce the Japanese lunch box culture which is advantageous in its diet management, nutrition balance, and esthetic display. The menu changes daily and is featured as a limited item. The bento box comes with rice, protein, two sides, a boiled egg, and a cup of soup. Due to group purchase system, we can only deliver certain time at lunch and dinner to minimize the delivery cost. Other items included in the online delivery system include tea, beverage, or water.


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